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Things are rough, prayers appreciated.

Monday, July 16, 2012

33 things that you really, definitely, without a doubt need me to do for you


SoulThirst Africa is organizing a mission trip to Uganda, Africa in October. The truth is I really want to go. Many of you know that my husband Shawn has gone on two trips to Africa in the past and has developed a heart for this country and the people there. When he comes back, his desire for change there and passion for the people is contagious. I find myself constantly feeling a strong pull towards these people that I've never met or shaken hands with. The needs there are overwhelming to hear and think about. The people desperately need clean water, medical care, education and love. On this trip we will be visiting the villages of Masindi and Alimugonza as well as Kampala, and just be ready to see what God does with us there. We will be visiting SoulThirst Africa's first installed water well in the village of Alimugonza, and witness the effect this change has had on the people's lives there. To be honest, I am pretty terrified of the effect this trip might have on my life and how it will change me. I kind of fought the whole idea of going up until the last minute, when I realized that I just didn't have peace about NOT going. I feel there is a reason God wants me in Uganda, Africa for those 9 days in October, I just can't tell you for sure why yet.

 The problem with me flying half way around the world for 9 days is that it costs money. Money that many of you have already given so generously to our family when we fundraised for Shawn's previous trips. I will need to raise $2,500 to cover my flight, hotel, meals, and travel expenses. As a solution to this predicament I have come up with a list of things that I can do relatively well that you might consider donating money for. If you are interested in supporting my trip to Africa in October, please pick something from this list that I could do for you as a thank you for your donation. If you don't live within the Dallas area, I have placed an asterisk* next to the items that would be suitable to ship or through virtual means.
1. Wash your car (suggested donation: $40)
2. Babysit your kids (suggested donation: $10 per hour)
*3. Play and sing the song of your choice via a YouTube video. Please no 80's hair metal or Rod Stewart. Everything else is fair game. (suggested donation: $40)
4. Cook and deliver a delicious vegetarian meal for your family (suggested donation: $10 per person)
5. Walk your dog (7 days, suggested donation: $50)
6. Family photoshoot in Adriatica with a CD of edited images(suggested donation: $100)
*7. Design and create a themed custom scrapbook with the photos of your choice (suggested donation: $150)
*8. Eight Organic homemade all natural, non-gluten non-dairy baby food meals delivered to your door. (suggested donation: $35)
 9. Exterior and interior window washing (suggested donation: $100)
*10. Custom sized hand made dog bed with your choice of fabric- (suggested donation: $40)
11. Four Saturday morning introductory piano lessons- (suggested donation: $150)
12. Do your grocery shopping at the store of your choice- (suggested donation: $60)
*13. Make you THE ultimate mix CD from the genre or decade of your choice (suggested donation: $25)
14. Pedicure polish and foot massage (suggested donation: $45)
15. Weeding, gardening or yard work- (suggested donation: $30 per hour)
16. Pantry organization (suggested donation: $75 including containers)
*17. Will scan, organize and retouch old photographs to preserve your memories digitally- (suggested donation: $50 for 100 photos)
18. Airport Drop off or pick up within the Dallas surrounding areas (suggested donation: $30) (I'm not to be held responsible for sudden outbursts or crying by my son in the back seat)
*19. Cute Baby Rental- (suggested donation: $1,000 per day) (includes diapers wipes and food (stroller fee extra $20)
 *20. Advice- (suggested donation: $20)
21. Replace the batteries in your alarm clock (suggested donation: $25 including duracell batteries)
22. Transport your child(ren) to their various activities so you can feel like a parent rather than just a taxi driver. (suggested donation: $10 per trip)
23. Set up and program your DVR with the shows of your choice. Yes, even trashy reality TV shows.(suggested donation: $50)
24. A one hour meal with a highly sought-after Texas Instruments Vice President. (suggested donation: $250)
*25. Coffee with my nerd husband. (includes conversation on subjects such as Twitter, Apple, MacBooks, FourSquare, Instagram and Theology) (suggested donation: $30) (FaceTime is also available)
26. Pet sitting- (suggested donation: $10 per day per pet)
*27. I'll hand write a personalized sentimental birthday card from you to your mother or grandmother (suggested donation: priceless)
28. Homemade world famous triple chocolate bundt cake with vanilla bean ice cream- (suggested donation: $30)
*29. Two dozen homemade specialty outrageous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies- (suggested donation: $25)
*30. A handwritten postcard mailed to you from Africa everyday of my trip (9 days- suggested donation: $90)
31. Retrieve the tv remote for you when it's out of reach. (suggested donation: $10 per retrieval)
*32. A shoutout on Facebook and Twitter with guaranteed retweets. (suggested donation: $10)
*33. Got an idea? Suggestions welcome!

 To donate to my trip, visit this secure donation page and type "Emily Roller" in the traveler name box next to your donation for the Uganda Trip. All donations are tax deductible. Checks may also be made payable to SoulThirst Church and mailed to 140 South Heartz Road, Coppell, TX 75019.  Once you have completed your transaction I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the details of your thank you gift.

 To read more about what we will be doing on this trip, check out and click on STAX. If you are interested in taking a mission trip to Africa yourself in the future or for any questions about the mission in Uganda contact

 Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please also consider supporting my trip through prayer!

 Emily Roller
(630) 877-6300

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Judah is 9 months old!

My baby is 9 months old! Judah is so curious these days. He's crawling, cruising and talking a lot and we think he will be walking soon. He loves being upside down, having his feet rubbed and saying "Dada". His latest favorite food is pears and he has learned to shake his head "no" and wave bye bye. He kicks his feet when he's excited about something, and hates putting on clothes. We love him and we are so blessed God has trusted us to take care of him. Here are some pictures I took today of Judah and Shawn

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blue Like Jazz and Box Fun

Last Wednesday Shawn won tickets to see a screening of the film-adaptation of the novel Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. Shawn has loved this book for a long time so he was pretty excited about the film. It was in the middle of the day and we didnt have any one to watch Judah so Judah and I just went up for the pre-event before the film started and Shawn went in when the movie actually started. The director Steve Taylor, lead actor Marshall Allman and Donald Miller were all there taking pictures and signing autographs with everyone so we got a few shots of Judah with them. They were more than happy to hold Judah- Donald Miller said "I'll hold him! Chicks dig this stuff." Shawn said the film was great, by the way.

on the way to the screening-

waiting in line to meet the guys-

Bewildered by Steve Taylor-

In other news, Judah's new "big boy" carseat came in the mail. He seems to like it...

...and seems to like the big box it came in even more :)